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In this digital age, every business requires some level of IT support to function successfully. That is why Arvo offer a full range of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services to assist you in reaching your full business potential; providing practical, cost-effective and safe solutions, designed with your specific business needs in mind.

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Arvo Agency is a full-service agency in Brisbane. Every project we touch has the right mix of strategy, design and execution, which gives our clients powerful integrated business solutions.

Key Benefits


  • Solutions and services tailored towards your specific business needs
  • Brisbane based support team for all ICT offerings – no overseas call centres
  • Servers with top-of-the-line specifications for ultimate performance and security
  • Extensive backup and disaster recovery policies, guaranteeing high durability and availability.
  • Free expert advice from our support team for anything relating to your services with us. As your business grows, your needs might change – we’re with you all the way
  • One stop shop for your online needs – you run your business, we’ll handle the technical details
  • Sustainable solutions based on modern technology platforms
  • Key focus on your return on investment – maximise your benefits while minimising your costs

Cloud Computing

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a generic term given to the use of networks, servers and other IT facilities, generally provided by a third party, for a business to run their IT systems through. Although there are many Cloud providers, we exclusively use Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our Cloud platform.

A properly-designed and implemented Cloud solution will provide a business with enterprise-grade computing facilities, irrespective of the size of the business. This means that a small startup company can compete with much larger competitors without the need to purchase expensive computer equipment. It also means that as the company grows, it can upscale the size of its ICT footprint in line with the operational needs of the company. IT expenditure can be tightly controlled and aligned with the actual growth of a business.

Ecosystem Review


Are you already in the cloud but feel like you’re paying too much money? Is something not working as expected? Do you simply lack confidence that your Cloud setup is secure or has been properly implemented? With Arvo’s Ecosystem Review, we will log into your account and review your configuration and monthly invoices. With this information, we will produce a report outlining any potential improvements that can be made. Each identified improvement will be clearly described in simple terms. We don’t use unnecessary technical jargon but instead provide you with practical and easy to understand advice on how each recommendation will benefit your business.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support


If you’re already in the Cloud but don’t have the expertise or capacity to properly maintain and monitor your ecosystem, we can take care of this for you. This may be as simple as augmenting your in-house IT team and undertaking the tasks that they do not have the skills or time to perform themselves. Alternatively, we can take responsibility for some or all of your ecosystem – and ensure that it operates in a way that effectively supports your business.

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System Preparation and Migration


As an application development organisation who have been running custom-built applications in the cloud for many years, we understand what it takes to do cost-effective migrations to the Cloud. Whilst occasionally this can be as easy as lifting and shifting the application into the Cloud, most of the time this will actually result in you paying more money for your Cloud services than you otherwise should.

Before you go ahead and migrate, let us help you plan the best way forward to move your system into the cloud. We will look at the specific requirements of your applications or systems and advise on the best way to prepare, re-configure and then relocate the application into the Cloud.

Backup and Disaster Recovery


Backup and Disaster Recovery within the Cloud needs careful analysis to ensure it is properly aligned with the broader IT needs of your business. Just as you should not spend excessive amounts of money making a non-critical system highly available, you also need to ensure that the systems you do need work when and where you need them to work.

If you engage Arvo to review or implement your Backup and Disaster Recovery process for your cloud-based systems, we will work closely with you to ensure that the implemented solutions align with both your resiliency and recovery needs and your desired budget.

Hosting Services

Website Hosting


With the rise of social media and other avenues of digital marketing, it can be easy to forget the pivotal role that a business’s website serves in conveying your message to the marketplace. Some of our competitors have capitalised on this and offer lowest-possible price website hosting which includes:

    • Low to no service – they don’t care whether your website is working
    • Slow – as they put too many websites on their servers
    • You’re expected to be an IT person when all you want to do is run your business

Arvo offer a full service solution where all general maintenance activities are bundled. This includes regular backups of your hosting information and free restorations of data. We enable our customers to focus on their business without the distractions of worrying about their hosting.

Premium Email Hosting


Is email a mission critical application to your business? Do email outages, problems or spam issues waste your staff’s time and reduce efficiency? Do you need seamless integration of email between staff members or between devices?

Based on Microsoft Exchange, our premium email hosting service provides the following benefits:

    • Large mailbox sizes – allowing you to store all of your emails in a central location
    • Device synchronisation – allows you to send and receive emails from a computer and see them on your phone (and vice versa)
    • Collaboration – allows you to share mailboxes and folders between staff
    • Enterprise-grade anti-spam and anti-virus protection
    • Centralised backup and access – meaning that if your computer breaks, you can access all of your emails from another computer without losing any information

Domain Registration


Domain registration is the first step in the process for getting your website and business email up and running. Through our suppliers, we can purchase domains and configure them based on your requirements. As a free value-add, we will also monitor your domain and notify you of any renewals or other maintenance actions that need to be performed.

ICT Infrastructure Management

ICT Procurement


In an age where technology is becoming more complex and our businesses are becoming more dependent on our equipment and systems, it can be difficult to know what equipment best suits your business needs. Often, our competitors would have you buy enterprise-grade equipment because it is easy for them to manage, not due to any particular business benefit to you.

We’re a small business too, so we understand that it’s important to buy IT equipment that best suits your business needs. Every dollar spent on IT equipment is a dollar that can’t be spent on your other business priorities, so let us help you design the right solutions and find the right equipment that gives you your best return on investment.

Through our suppliers, we can procure a diverse range of IT equipment including:

  • Dell laptops, desktops and servers
  • Network and switching equipment specifically designed for small businesses
  • Software including business-grade security protection and malware/antivirus detection programs

Server & System Support


Just as your organisation’s computers provide access to your ICT landscape, your servers and systems provide the functionality and data that is the lifeblood of your business. An interruption to some of your systems may result in substantial disruption to business or even financial loss to your organisation.

We understand that some systems are more important than others. In order to get your best return on investment, you need IT professionals who understand which systems are critical to your business’s success. At Arvo, we take the time to understand your key business operations so that we can design support systems and procedures that reflect your business goals. By implementing a business-first approach as opposed to a technology-first approach, we are able to present you with options that you can measure based on the specific benefits to your business vs you needing to become an expert in technology.

Our service offering in this area is quite diverse and is always tailored to the specific needs of our customers. These services can include activities such as:

  • Server and system monitoring
  • Patching
  • Regular health checks
  • Troubleshooting of issues
  • Investigation of performance problems
  • Installation and configuration of new systems and features

ICT Fleet Management


Your organisation’s computers provide the access points that allow you to do business, however do you know that they also represent one of the biggest risks to your organisation? If not properly managed, they can be compromised and used to corrupt your business data, disrupt your operation or cause your business to incur reputational damage in your chosen markets.

Managing these assets can be tricky to do internally – particularly if it takes time away from your key staff, who should be focussing on your core business activities. Arvo can assist you by administering to and maintaining your equipment for you. We offer a range of services from full fleet management, where every IT problem becomes our IT problem, to a fixed number of IT support hours per month that can be spent on any of your IT support needs.

With each client, we tailor their package to suit their specific IT needs. Our services can include:

  • Help desk support and troubleshooting
  • System patching and maintenance
  • System builds and resets for new staff
  • Basic network management
  • Vendor management – particularly in regard to telecommunications providers
  • Recommendations around procurement and asset lifecycle management

Solution Architecture & Implementation


Do you have a business problem that requires an IT solution but don’t know what to do? With Arvo’s Solution Architecture and Implementation services, we work with you to understand your project’s objectives, which we will then use to recommend a series of options that fulfil your goals.

What makes us different is that we will always adopt a business-centric approach to our proposed solutions. Our primary goal is to design and implement a solution that best meets your business needs, not push a technology platform or solution based on our own agenda. In practical terms, this means we will qualify and measure our proposals against your business goals and express the benefits and disadvantages of each solution. We look at the impact to your project outcomes and for ways to streamline and economise the solution where such savings do not materially affect the project’s outcomes.

That’s not to say that the technology decisions aren’t important to your project. As your technology partner, we will select platforms and design solutions that:

  • Use sustainable, well-supported, modern technology platforms
  • Suit the current and future needs of your system
  • Match your needs in terms of upfront and ongoing licensing costs
  • Support your needs around high availability and disaster recovery

Disaster Recovery Planning & Management


What would you do if your mission-critical systems went offline? Or were disabled or destroyed due to some kind of catastrophy? Would you be able to continue to operate your business? In our age of becoming more and more dependent on technology, it is a sad reality that most SME sized businesses struggle to survive when significant disaster strikes that affects their core IT systems.

At Arvo, we focus on designing disaster recovery procedures and risk mitigation plans that address your business’s specific continuity needs. Working closely with you, we will develop appropriate controls and technology-based mitigation measures that reflect the importance of your systems to your business. Depending on the nature, type and importance of each system, this may include:

  • Adjusting your technology platform so that it is more robust and less exposed to failure
  • Implementing modified backup procedures and controls so that your system can be recovered more quickly
  • Refining your documentation so that the impact of any catastrophe is minimised

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