Custom Ticketing System a success 3 years in a row!

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Sunshine Coast Show – tracking entry tickets

For the third year running, the Sunshine Coast Agricultural Show will employ the custom developed ticketing system to facilitate ticket sales for the 2018 show. The Sunshine Coast Show is run mostly by volunteers, and traditional ticketing solutions are expensive and tend to take a significant portion of the sale of entry per ticket. For a not for profit, this problem could be solved by a lightweight web-app designed to be intuitive, easy to use and customised to the Show’s yearly events.

System Brief: Lean, simple and budget conscious

We were selected by the Show to produce a custom ticket system that would provide a fast and efficient at-the-gate ticketing solution. The system needed to account for calculating ticket prices, provide analytics and data of ticket sales and frequency, log entries, and enable cash reconciliation. The interface had to be as simple as possible, and meet a lean budget. We developed the primary look and feel, and spearheaded both the UI/UX and development of the web-app. After just 1-2 workshops pulling together requirements, project specifics and designs, the system was developed and deployed 4 months later.

Great feedback: “the simple and easy to use nature of the system made the app streamlined to use”

After the first year of the ticket system running, there were some minor tweaks that would make the system easier to use and facilitate easy onboarding of volunteers at the show gates. Our client had this to say about the team and the adjustments made to the system:

“Thanks for your help with the ticketing system this year. The small improvements made to the UI, and the simple and easy to use nature of the system made the app streamlined and easy to use. One of the best features was the ability for users to use desktop and mouse as well as touch pads, which boded really well with some of our older volunteers for the show.

It was so important to get a win on the cards using a new technology for the show, and putting through 20,000 tickets over 3 days was pulled off with no problems at all.

This really places the show in the position to move forward in a great direction and embrace some of the efficiencies new technology can give. No doubt there will be improvements and more”.

Ticketing and beyond

The show ticketing system and other small systems like this represent the strong future Arvo have in the systems space and it’s great to have this affirmed by great client feedback. This ticketing system and its positive feedback could easily be rolled out to other shows around the country. If you’re interested in custom builds or feel we could service an area of your business with similar goals, get in touch with the Arvo team today.

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