AWS Announcements – 1 May 2018

By May 9, 2018IT Services

Arvo offer Amazon Web Services (AWS) as our Cloud Computing platform. To keep our clients informed of updates and improvements, we will regularly post announcements to our blog as we receive them from AWS. If you have any queries about how these updates apply, please don’t hesitate to contact our certified AWS Solutions Architect – Associate, Vincent Vogelaar.

Below are the updates received on 1 May, 2018:

1. New Top Level Domain available from Amazon

Amazon now allows users to register a top-level .bot domain. Specifcally aimed at developers and end users to find and discover bots. There are three development frameworks supported: Amazon Lex, Microsoft Bot Framework and Dialogue Flow. More frameworks are expected to be added in the future.

2. AWS Config Now Supports Elastic Beanstalk & Lambda.

This new service will allow you to see a detailed overview of your Elastic Beanstalk & Lambda resources. This will allow you to easily track changes to your environment and the relationships between the different resources. This can be very beneficial for audit, compliance and change management purposes.

3. Random Cut Forest Algorithm now available in Amazon SageMaker

The Random Cut Forsest is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that can find anomalies in otherwise structured and predictable datasets. This function is especially beneficiary for services like fraud detection, health monitoring and retail.


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