Melissa Parr, Leadership Team, Arvo Agency, Brisbane Full Service Agency

Melissa Parr

Operations Manager

Melissa hails from Far North Queensland where the fish are plenty and the Cowboys are still the ones to watch. She moved to the big city 1989 and has never looked back.

Melissa has over 20 years experience in operations and joined Arvo in 2016. She has brought with her extensive experience in the operational and management space. She has held previous note-worthy positions including Studio Manager, Operations Controller and Executive Assistant across a diverse range of industries and companies including National Transport Insurance, Zupps Pty Ltd, Harts Accounting Group and Canon Australia.

Her ability to apply these skills to each unique business model is a talent in itself and Melissa is a vital part of the success of the day to day operations of Arvo. A snapshot of her responsibilities include managing and improving operational systems, processes and policies, manage and ensure support services are effective and efficient as well as preparing, collating and reporting financial data and implementing strategies to improve profitability.

Clear leadership and support for our frontline staff is of critical importance to the future growth and development of Arvo and Melissa’s role is of paramount importance in bringing this to fruition.

Every project we touch has the right mix of strategy, design and execution.